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Mozart on the Mountain Festival - organised by Magic Flutes Intenational

"This was a seminar with a difference, loads of fun, lots of new ideas and a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere to experiment with new concepts. If you have the time and inclination, the Pinschof - Müller-Preis combination is one that can benefit any musician; you don't need to be a flute player or a singer to take advantage of this technique. You do need to be imbued with the spirit of adventure and willing to try out new ideas. It will surprise you how easy it can be to make them work for you (and your students). So in more than one sense - These seminars may well change your life!"

-Nariida Coleman and Pam French (attendees)

Mother of a Melbourne student flautist

"Dear Thomas, I am writing to let you know how pleased Danielle is with her new Trevor James flute - she is very pleased! I am also writing to sincerely thank you for the very special service you gave us... We appreciated Danielle being allowed as much time as she needed to test the flutes; likewise, your sincerity and the experience of performing were very important... I have happily given Danielle's teacher your catalogue, along with my recommendation."

-M & D Bartolini

Andy Firth, clarinetist, saxophonist and now flautist, thanks to his
new Trevor J James flute. He writes:

"I am very grateful to Trevor J James flutes UK for their recent support and endorsement of my flute playing efforts. Thanks also to George Tashnady, Mark Meallin and Thomas Pinschof for their assistance and support."

Bridget Douglas is Principal Flute of the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra and Artist Teacher of Flute at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. She writes:

"Hi Thomas... I've really enjoyed playing this [Trevor J James] alto flute!"

Magic Flutes International "Divertimento" flute
Model: solid silver, pointed arms, split E, B foot

This flute has a sweet but not overly full-bodied tone, and an impressive evenness in tone across the range of the three registers. The mechanism was very even and smooth. These two attributes gave the flute a facility to play both leaping and fast scalic passages. The flute was both responsive and resonate, and tonal changes in sound colour and harmonics were easy to produce. I would also recommend this as a high quality instrument suitable for the advanced student or semi-professional player.

-Sue Taylor
Flute Player, Teacher of Flute and
Director of Music, Lakes Entrance Secondary College

Online forum: Flute Playing and Related Issues

"One of my teachers... was asking me whether the multiphonics worked. For me they did, but neither of us could get them on her flute. Mine was a cheap and cheerful Trevor James C-foot plateau student model, hers a very nice Powell. We could both get the multiphonics on mine!"

- J O'Farrell

"I brought out all my flutes and they insisted on hearing them all... Silver Muramatsu with Gold head, Wood Rudall Carte wih wood and silver head. And my Trevor James 10i student flute. Universal opinion was an absolute preference for my Trevor James student flute."

- J Rayworth

Harry Winstanley has been a Trevor James artist from the age of 9 years. If reaching ABRSM grade 8 distinction by the time he was 11 is not enough, he is busy perparing for the BBC soloist competition and his ABRSM Performance Diploma. Harry plays a Trevor J James Virtuoso flute with 9k lip and riser, open holes, offset G with E mechanism.

Following on from her successful launch of Mexican themed study books, Elena Duran has been very busy establishing Trevor J James flutes in Mexico. Working with the Mexican Flute Society she has secured the Trevor J James & Co sponsorship of the prestigious flute quartet.

World famous flute player Elena Duran stumbled upon Trevor J James flutes at a masterclass she was giving in the USA in 2001 and has been an unpaid advocate of Trevor J James flutes ever since. Elena has kindly offered her masterclass to Trevor James UK dealers from June 2002. She is currently Professor of Flute at the University of Hartford in the USA.


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