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There are bundles of Guntram Wolf BOCALS some very nice BASSOONS, all the Kinder Harmony Oboes, Clarinets and Bassoons and of course bags of FLUTES and HEADJOINTS, PICCOLOS, FLAUTINOS in G, a beautiful Mönnig ALTO FLUTE with B-foot
and even some CLARINETS, TROMBONES and TRUMPETS as well as the fabulous AURAL WOODEN DRUMS!

We also have too many accessories to fit on the website
Music Stands, Flute Cases & Covers, Tuners & Metronomes
Bags & Stands for all sort of instruments, clip-on Lights
Anti Tarnish and Microfibre Cleaning Cloths
Reeds & Mouthpieces and special Viennese MALLETS & DRUMSTICKS

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